Maple Baseball Bat

Maple Baseball Bat

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All of our Baseball Bats are handcrafted from locally milled wood in South Carolina and feature reinforced hardwood and finishes that make them stand out from the rest.

Each Baseball Bat is hand turned to give each one its own individual shape according to its design. We use a bear jaw bone rubbing technique to compress the fibers in the barrel on every bat to produce maximum durability on the field.

All of our Baseball Bats are made for game ready situations.

All Split Woodworks bats are finished with either polycrylic, or polyurethane. 

For name engraving, select the standard bat + name option. We will contact you via e-mail for details on the name after the order is placed. A standard bat with no name features only the company's logo.

Dimensions: For sizing, hold arm out to the side of the body, take a tape measure and measure the distance from the sternum to the end of the palm of the hand.